Privileges of the King of Poland, 1764.

Conservation of the 18th century document

Przywileie y Konstytucye seymowe za Panowania Jego Krolewskiey Mći Stanisława Augusta Roku Pańskiego MDCCLXIV. Dnia 3. Grudnia, Warszawa, 1764.


Vilnius University Library, Rare Prints Department, Document No. IV 24867.


Contemporary binding with wrapper decorated with blue woodcut print.


Conservation by Ieva Rusteikaitė.


Note. Due to the fact that pictures were taken in different periods, there might be slight color differences in the photographs.


  • Dust and heavy dirt
  • Loss in the paper wrapper
  • Tears and loss in the tex-block leaves
  • Important deformation

Applied treatment

  • Dry cleaning
  • Flattening the sheets with heating spatula and light pressure
  • Fragile sheet consolidation with tissue paper
  • Repair of paper loss