Johan Nieuhof’s book about his journey to Brasil, 1682.

Conservation of

JOHAN NIEUHOFS Gedenkweerdige BRASILIAENSE ZEE- en LANT-REIZE […] t’Amsterdam : Voor de Weduwe van Jacob van Meurs, 1682.

Vilnius University Library, Rare Books Department, document No. Lelev. 3282-3283.


Conservation by Daiva Petkevičiūtė (paper treatment) and Ieva Rusteikaitė (binding conservation).

Photographed by Raimondas Malaiška.


Note. Due to the fact that pictures were taken in different periods, there might be slight color differences in the photographs.



  • Dust
  • Dirt and stains
  • Tears and paper loss in the pages
  • Deatachement of the first section
  • Loss of the front flyleaf
  • Parcial parchment detachment and some tears
  • Complete detachment of the cover at the front
  • Complete loss of covering material in the spine area
  • Loss of transversal lining
  • Big loss of parchment lining in the spine area
  • Some broken cords
  • Deformation of the text-block spine
  • Deformed or broken endband cores

Treatment applied

  • Dry cleaning
  • Repair of tears and paper loss
  • Reshaping and consoldation of the text-block spine
  • Repair of the broken cords
  • Reatachment and reconstructon of the transversal spine linings
  • Reatachment of the cords to the loose cover
  • Endband conservation
  • Repair of the remaining parchment lining

Materials introduced during the treatment

  • Wheat starch paste
  • Linen tread
  • Unbleached fine linen fabric
  • Handmade paper (ca. 90 g/m², unbleached hemp & flax)
  • Japanese paper