Tractatus de legibus ac Deo legislatore […], 1612

Conservation of

Francisco Suarez. Tractatus de legibus ac Deo legislatore: in decem libros distributus. Conimbricae: Apud Didacum Gomez de Loureyro, 1612.


Private collection.


Conservation by Ieva Rusteikaitė.


Note. Due to the fact that pictures were taken in different periods, there might be slight color differences in the photographs.



  • Dust
  • Folded and deformed pages
  • Completely loose cover
  • Loose sections
  • Broken alum-tawed skin tongues
  • Loss and tears in the cover parchment
  • Completely damaged lower headband
  • Deformed pastedowns
  • Important loss in the front flyleaf
  • Paper loss and tears
  • Paper color change
  • Previous insect activity
  • Iron gall ink degradation

Treatment applied

  • Dry cleaning
  • Repair of paper loss
  • Consolidation of tears
  • Consolidation of the spine
  • Consolidation of the tongues with new alum-tawed skin
  • Attachment of the loose sections
  • Parchment loss repair with unglued inserts
  • Attachment of the cover by lacing new tongues
  • Minimal repair of the pastedowns