Decorated paper

Sample of decorated paper in the Library of University of Barcelona

Study and investigation of different historical techniques of making a decorated paper often found in boxes, book covers and endpapers.


The digital exhibition tells a visual story about history of handmade decorated paper until 19th century . The most popular five techniques are presented through the selected samples preserved in Vilnius University Libraries archives. Richly illustrated tales shows the most common decoration features, but also highlights unexpected and imaginary solutions made by past craftsmen.


A review that invites to explore digital gallery of decorated paper created by Library of University of Barcelona.


  •  “Decorated paper in the collection of the librettos of opera of the University of Barcelona”.

A study of decorated paper samples found in the covers of librettos of opera in the collection of Library of University of Barcelona. Master thesis in Masters Degree of Projects of Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage, University of Barcelona, Faculty of Fine Arts, 2014-2016.