Award for the best conservation work

Delighted to know that our efforts in conservation of a 17th century parchment binding conservation were acknowledged in the competition of the best conservation works of 2021–2022, organised this year by the Union of Restorers of Lithuanian Republic. Our work was selected and awarded for “the professional conservation of parchment binding” of JOHAN NIEUHOFS Gedenkweerdige BRASILIAENSE ZEE- en LANT-REIZE […]. Amsterdam: Voor de Weduwe van Jacob van Meurs, 1682 (Vilnius University Library).


©Kultūros paveldo departamentas


The award ceremony was held in beautiful church of St. George in Vilnius, recently opened to the public. The event was a part of the series of events of the European Heritage Days in Lithuania, organised by The Department of Cultural Heritage.


©Kultūros paveldo departamentas


I believe, that we did our best in applying the minimal intervention principles in the conservation process of the above mentioned book.  More details about the treatments can be found in this entry of our portfolio.


Fragment of the book before the treatment. ©Raimondas Malaiška, Vilnius University Library
Fragment of the book after the treatment. ©Raimondas Malaiška, Vilnius University Library