A Book of Bibliotheca Academia Vilnensis

Conservation of binding of a rare 19th century volume

Bohusz, Franciszek Ksawery Michał (1746-1820).”O początkach narodu i języka litewskiego rozprawa /przez Xawiera Bohusza … napisana, a na publicznym posiedzeniu tegoż Towarzystwa Warszawskiego roku 1806 d. 12 grudnia czytana..”. Warszawa: w Drukarni Gazety Warszawskiey, 1808.


Conservation by Ieva Rusteikaitė.


Note. Due to the fact that pictures were taken in different periods, there might be slight color differences in the photographs.


  • Dust
  • Loose front cover
  • Tears and breaks in cover hinges
  • Lost parts of the spine cover
  • Deformation and defoliation of board corners
  • Previous repair
  • Separated sections and leaves

Treatment applied

  • Dry cleaning
  • Separation of previous repair
  • Loss repair
  • Consolidation of defoliated board
  • Reattachment of loose sections and leaves
  • Reattachment of loose cover